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THIS SPORTING LIFE - Gerry Cranham, Photographer

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A beautiful photobook of the work of sports photographer Gerry Cranham

Standard Edition
Gerry Cranham died on November 20th 2023. We are donating £10 for every book sold in December 2023 to Dementia UK, the Cranham family’s chosen charity, in his memory.
This Sporting Life brings together the work of legendary sports photographer Gerry Cranham in a stunning 320-page hardback book.

Gerry Cranham was a both a master and pioneer of photography and This Sporting Life draws on his images of the 1960s and 1970s, two seismic decades of sport.

The book includes written contributions by The Times sports writer Henry Winter and acclaimed author Harry Pearson. It is compiled by Mark Leech, curator of the Cranham Collection and Doug Cheeseman, graphic designer. 

“I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Beautifully compiled and designed it’s a wonderful testament to Gerry Cranham, one of sports photography’s greatest pioneers.”
Tom Jenkins, sports photographer, The Guardian

“Not just Ali but Best, Billie-Jean, Lillee & Thompson, Piggott, Korbut, World Cups, Wimbledon, Olympics & more in this beautifully produced new selection of the great Gerry Cranham’s sports photos from the 60s and 70s. Oh, and AC Milan’s visit to Athlone Town. Highly recommended.”
Richard Williams, journalist

“Innovative, pioneering and with an eye like no other, Gerry Cranham is right up there with the best sports photographers, or just plain photographers that this country has ever produced.”
Bradley Ormesher, sports photographer, The Times

“Sat down to take quick look at This Sporting Life and emerged, enchanted, transported, several hours later. This is real quality.”
Simon Inglis, sports writer and historian

“An utterly gorgeous book.”
Jonathan Wilson, writer and editor

This Sporting Life is by some margin the best, most evocative, and most moving of all the photographic books I have been lucky to read over the years.”
Brough Scott, writer and broadcaster

“A beautifully produced volume of Gerry Cranham’s work. Outstanding.”
Mike Atherton, writer and broadcaster