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The Cyclist and His Shadow

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By Olivier Haralambon

'Reading Olivier's book takes you into the very flesh of bike riding, it leads you straight into the noises, the sights, the smells, the urges involved in leaving the upward position for the stoop in the saddle. But it also takes you into the saddle itself, into the frame and the cogs and even the road, the tarmac, the rain and the sweat. It is more a book to feel than a book to read.

I seldom read such a precise and detailed introspection, not into the mind and heart of Olivier as a person, but into what turned him into the member of a very special species: a rider.

Now go ahead, take his slipstream, let yourself be driven from start to finish in this exciting ride of a book. It will probably make you smile, shiver, wonder at times, but it is guaranteed to make you feel like you are outside, riding along with him.'
François Thomazeau

Please note that this edition of the book is currently not available in the USA or Canada