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The Arsenal Shirt 2nd edition

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The first edition of this beautiful coffee table book was nominated for Best Illustrated book at the British Sports Book Awards in 2015 and sold out within a year of publication. 

This brand new edition brings the Arsenal story fully up-to-date with a hundred new pages and provides a visual history of one of the most recognisable strips in the world of football, the legendary Arsenal shirt. 

Compiled using stunning photographs of match worn shirts actually donned by many of the football clubs greatest players, the book presents a stunning timeline of Arsenal’s history and of their emblematic shirt. 

This new edition brings together the rarest and most iconic Arsenal shirts ever seen and includes: 

• A player shirt example from virtually every one of the home and away shirt variations worn by the Gunners over the last 60 years 

• A player shirt from every major cup final Arsenal have played in - Including the record breaking victory in the 2020 FA Cup final 

• Shirts worn by many of Arsenal’s greatest players including James, Bastin, Mercer, McLintock, Brady, Sansom, Adams, Rocastle, Wright, Bergkamp, Vieira, Henry and Aubameyang. 

The Arsenal Shirt is a breathtaking and historic record of the greatest collection of Arsenal match worn shirts that have ever been seen together, and through these classic and iconic shirts the history of one of the world's most famous football clubs comes to life.